Maria Cosmes. `Liens. Lost children (serie `liens)


´Liens (2001-2002) is a very complex series that developed in seven parts over two years in different locations. In it it creates a situation that forces people to move in a harmonious and rhythmic way, to collaborate so as not to suffer damage with the ropes that keep them tied by the neck in front of a random factor that is the performer itself, which moves between the ropes. This long series of works speaks above all of relationships and ties (in French, liens) with others (in English aliens). The title comes from the synthesis of both terms, to emphasize the infinite complexity and ambiguity of human relations.

'Liens is an artistic and personal process of search and investigation of new models of relationship between people, in which the feedback of the participating public conditions the development of each of the parts. Maria Cosmes' narration of the whole process and its unexpected end is a very clear example of her creative method in showing the interrelationship between image, realization, reflection, feedback and writing, a terrain she is currently developing.

In Lost children (series 'liens) (2003) it is the people who must also deduce the need to collaborate in order to free the performer from the ropes that cover her head, and in which the participants are at the end physically tied to her with the opposite ends of the ropes tied to her heart.

Carlos Pina
Independent curator
director of eBent, international performance festival of Barcelona (2003-2010)
february 2013