Maria Cosmes. Community. (x-a, y-b, z-c)


In the second group of performances, Relationships , she plays more with the cultural aspect of relations. Here the participants are introduced directly into the performance, creating an exceptional, differentiated and unique space. This group of works constitutes the core and the fundamental leitmotiv of Maria Cosmes' work, approached from a multiplicity of angles, both with respect to interpersonal relationships and in relation to their consequences. There are relationships with groups, more anonymous, but also person to person. The risk, the violence, the fear, the distrust, but also the softness and the sweetness, the kindness are appreciated in them, all of them inherent components of human relations.

Mary Douglas, speaking of the body, says: " "Dignity register" could be a good way to designate the distance from the real body as an expression of respect. The range between respect and intimacy projects a spatial indicator of social use. Similarly, linguists have observed that in language, the distance taken from bodily functions and body parts projects respect or lack of respect. The distance indicator can provide complex information, not only about a single value for respect, but also about highly differentiated relationships [...]. ".

And she adds: " All communicative behavior displays a broad analogical structure and in greater or lesser extent the body is always concerned. The pattern of respect based on distance is only one dimension. Theoretically, the number of models is infinite. [...] The systematically graduated differences in clothing, food and speech correspond to systematically graduated differences in social relations. " 5

Carlos Pina
Independent curator
director of eBent, international performance festival of Barcelona (2003-2010)
february 2013